Work vs Education

Student years are an incredible time when new degrees of freedom and endless opportunities are opened, but at the same time there is still no such responsibility as in adulthood.

A crazy stream of events: exams, conferences, lectures mixed with fun "get-togethers", meetings, debates, contests and then the search for work. It would seem, use - I do not want: blissful time, when you are not completely immersed in the problems of the "adult" world, you can hang in the clouds and make plans for the future. However, most students are thinking about the need to combine study and work.

In anticipation of the annual conference "Education. Employment. Career ", we tried to find out the attitude of students to combining work and study, interviewing more than 30 people. The range of respondents is wide enough: they are students of almost all faculties, different courses, graduate students.

63% of the students are "for" the combination of work and study, noting the advantages - first of all, gaining experience and material independence. Mostly, students begin their work at senior courses (about 70% of the working students surveyed), but there are also those who try their hand at the beginning of the first year.

Entering the university, each of us hopes that the diploma of graduation will serve as a ticket for getting prestigious, interesting, highly paid work. In practice, it turns out that without the experience of work it is almost impossible to get the desired vacancy.

Students scroll in the head of this situation and begin to besiege the coveted offices.

Here, for example, a student at a US university. Say, the second course. An excellent worker, handsome, actively looking for work, wants to apply the knowledge he gets to the university in practice. There is no work on the specialty, but I want financial independence. As a result, our ambitious student is selling burgers to McDonald's. Is this kind of experience useful for the future economist? The question is controversial.

Offsets, coursework, exams, combining the student in one way or another, of course, will pass: the last courses have already formed an idea of ​​the education system. Only here profile subjects, which are taught in the latest courses, will remain without due attention.